The BRI and Conducting Public Diplomacy in Central Asia

Zhao Shiren · 23 ·

As an important platform for bringing open and new economic arrangement to a higher level, the BRI serves as the overarching plan and action guide for major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Central Asia has been regarded as an important target region of the BRI. In the past five years, China has committed to the principles of shared achievements through consultation and cooperation. Guided by “connectivity in five areas”, it has realized alignment of development strategies, project cooperation, infrastructure construction, and people-to-people exchange with Central Asian countries, making significant progress in regional diplomacy and building the Silk Road Economic Belt. Meanwhile, there still are many challenges in promoting the BRI in Central Asia. This paper is an attempt to discuss the content, form, means and methods of conducting public diplomacy in Central Asia by analyzing and forecasting the current situation, development and future prospects for the BRI. It also highlights the uniqueness and value of public diplomacy in pushing forward the BRI. 

The BRI and Taking China’s Miracles Abroad

Zhang Jiuan · 30 ·

Within forty years of China's reform and opening up, particularly since the18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has made an impressive array of historic reforms that have culminated in world renowned“China's miracles". Now the BRI is taking such miracles to outside China, which adds global wisdom for continued miracles and future innovation. Reform and opening up, problem-oriented approach and people-centered philosophy are the basis for China’s miracles. The BRI, which is the process of great change and development, provides new ground for China's miracles and a chance for China to open new horizons and learn from other countries.

Maintaining the Vision of Doing Greater Good and Shared Profits in Implementing the BRI

Meng Gang · 36 ·

Doing greater good and shared profits are of great significance to the BRI. However, there have been misunderstandings such as the theories of China unilaterally giving away money, providing free ride, an uncontrollable high risks, and the mixing up of profit-making and social responsibilities. It is of utter importance to adopt the vision of doing greater good and shared profits in implementing the BRI, which allows correct handling of the interests of China and other countries, the participation and reform of the global governance system, and the relationship between the government and enterprises, between economic and trade cooperation and people-to-people exchange, as well as the relationship between practical implementation and media guidance.

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