Build Strong Bases for Going Global by Using the Chinese Wisdom

Zhao Qizheng · 1 ·

This article was first presented as a keynote speech at the 2017 China Industrial Park Sustainable Development Forum. It contains the author’s firsthand experience of developing and managing the Pudong New Area, arguing industrial park plays a crucial role in increasing economic innovation and competence.

If we fail to present China’s story to the foreign audience, they will not acknowledge our achievements. If China did not make these achievements, we would not have been able to clearly explain socialism with Chinese characteristics, thus we would not have enough confidence when talking with foreigners. In going global, we need to figure out how to forge forward. We have to identify out the difficulties and road blocks and then move ahead carefully.

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Going Global and the Belt and Road Initiative -- A New Phase in Going Global: Presenting the Chinese Culture and Development Vision Abroad

He Wenping · 6 ·

With the development of the BRI, going global has entered a new phase characterized by the fact that not only Chinese businesses go abroad, but also what is known as the soft power, such as the Chinese culture and developmental philosophy, is being introduced overseas. For Chinese culture to be accepted by other peoples, the culture has to be advanced and appealing. Also the means and methods of disseminating it should evolve with the times. What is more, it is imperative to find the best way to enter into a foreign environment and strike a common accord among the audience. After forty years of reform and opening up, China’s achievements and experiences provide ample ground and strength for spreading our vision of development. If we want to have China’s story heard and the BRI accepted and participated in by other countries, it is not only necessary but also inevitable to introduce China’s advanced developmental philosophy.

The Guiding Role of Chinese Culture in Implementing the BRI

Bao Yu · 12 ·

Since the Belt and Road Initiative has been unfolded, China has made great headway in presenting its culture to the world, with numerous achievements in such areas as cultural exchange, communication and trade. More efforts should be made to exert the guiding role of culture in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative so as to build a solid basis for enhancing the friendship among the people of countries along the Belt and Road and increasing China’s cultural soft power.

The BRI’s Security Requirements and the Training of Chinese Military Personnel Serving Abroad

Li Zhanzi · 17 ·

Chinese military academies are endowed with advantages in training talents for serving abroad. They should enrich their curricula and teaching materials for meeting the security requirements of the BRI, particularly in strengthening all-round capability ranging from strategic communication, public diplomacy with a focus on military public diplomacy, new media diplomacy to increasing opinions of military diplomacy heard by others, from cross-cultural communication, general knowledge of nature, society, culture and law of countries along the Belt and Road, to resolving crisis, public relations, and foreign language skills. This paper will briefly introduce some of the areas above.

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