International management system and corporate internationalization development

Jin Xiaoping • 77 •

There has been an increase in frequency and depth of international management activity, corporate international management gradually changes from isolated incidents to normality, from certain respects to all respects, becoming the key factor for the success of an enterpise’s internationalization management. Efforts should be made to provide institution structure of international management organization comparable to corporate internationalization strategy, build corporate public diplomacy system comparable to its management and put in place international management information system platform emphasizing management process.

Case studies

Displaying unique characteristics in city diplomacy--take Los Angeles and San Francisco as examples

Lu Xuan • 85 •

There is still large amounts of room of progress in China’s public diplomacy, which has conducted research and put research results into practice. In this exists the increasingly outstanding position of city diplomacy. In the grand context of proliferated cross-cultural exchange in current globalization tide, city’s position and function as an entity of international exchange gained unprecedentedly enormous attention. Los Angeles and San Francisco of California, USA, focus on employing regional advantage, city diplomacy grow large amounts of big fruits, display splendors on the international stage , and inspire relevant work of numerous cities.

Jacksonism and Trumpism in US

Huang Hairuo • 92 •

Since his declaration as American presidential candidate, Donald Trump has caused many controversies. His winning of the election broke many norms in the history of American presidential election, forming “Trump phenomenon”. People commonly assume that Trump’s winning shows the emergence of populism in America. Indeed, populism in America originated in the first president with populism characteristic--Andrew Jackson and “Jacksonism” that he represented. It is more appropriate to regard Trump phenomenon as Jacksonism’s revitalization in America than to regard it as a representative of populism in America. Knowing and understanding “Jacksonism” in populism in America helps us to better understand “Trump phenomenon”.

Current situation, characteristics, and mode of Chinese enterprises public diplomacy: research based on corporation case studies

Wei Xiubai, Yang Lihua • 104 •

Chinese enterprise public diplomacy mode is attaining maturity from self- awareness and activeness, and is comprised of five sub-modes: mode of construction of brand represented by Haier, mode of social responsibility represented by Sinochem, mode of strategic leadership represented by State Grid, mode of culture confidence represented by Sinopec, and mode of active action represented by Shenhua Group. New trends of China’s corporate public diplomacy show a continuous increase of China’s companies power, the gradual maturity of international managerial ability of Chinese companies, and great progress of China’s general national power.

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