Thoughts on expand public diplomacy in the new era from practice point of view

Yuan Nansheng • 50 •

The 19th National Congress of the CPC declared that China enters a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The report of the 19th National Congress says to push onward , tell China’s story, show a true, , China in all respects, improving national cultural soft power. This has directed for how we can public diplomacy in the new era. I have lived abroad for many years, departing from perspective of practicing diplomacy and international expression of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, reflect on the road confidence, theory confidence, institution confidence, culture confidence displayed by public diplomacy, talk based on facts, enlarged communication pathway, and the use of languages that can be understood by foreigners to tell China’s story.

Main actions in public diplomacy in the Carter administration

Yang Jianguo • 56 •

Public diplomacy policy of the Carter administration in the second half of the 1970s was based and implemented in a context of unfavorable domestic and foreign environment. On one hand, based on ideology and liberal tradition, via large amounts of active output and spontaneous exchange of humanities and social information, it improved US free country image overseas, focusing on gain of long-term national interest; on the other hand, under the condition of reality and practical tradition, through immense selected information seduction and supporting evidence, it served to argue the ethical justification and legality of foreign policy that was mainly pushed forward by the US government, focusing on protection of national interest at the time. In the process of its implementation, there were conspicuous contradictions between government propaganda and actual practice with serious negative effects hard to be eradicated.

Ways and suggestions of Chinese higher education institution unfolding public diplomacy

Xing Wei • 63 •

Public diplomacy is an important aspect that needs to be continued on the road of Xi Jinping New Era’s socialism with Chinese characteristics. Higher education institutions have an imperative function to develop public policy. Their work improve cultural soft power through multi-dimension work influence the public. Higher education institutions unfold international students education and promote international scholarship exchange program, employing Confucius Institute and going out programs that allow students and teachers to exchange, promote development of soft power. Unfolding public diplomacy, the higher institution should also strengthen confidence, correctly treat differences in domestic and foreign culture. Also, on the technological side, China’s public diplomacy should be more delicate and focus more on details.

Untying problems in China-US economic and commercial relations -- major paradoxes and response in the field of China-US economic and commercial relations

Mei Guanqun • 69 •

After Trump took office, uncertainty has appeared in China-America relations. The US pays a lot of attention to trade deficit, manipulation of currency, intellectual property protection, and opening up of service market. China is concerned with US foreign asset investigation, export of high-technology products, substitute country investigation. In handling with these problems, attention should be paid to identifying the basic positions of China-US relations, establishing closer relationship through deepening China-US economic and commercial cooperation, building stronger cooperation ties. On the other hand, China should stay firm in its own development, deepen its reform and opening up and creating rooms of maneuver in dealing with the US and in seeking cooperation.

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