The Belt and Road Initiative reflects China’s globalization concept

Cao Jingnan • 23 •

Anti-globalization trend of thought appears in the West, while China takes over the banner of globalization. The Belt and Road Initiative is China’s promise and responsibility on world’s free trade system. The stability and prosperity of Asia-Europe continental core region’s are the  important external provisions of China’s emergence, and the Belt and Road Initiative provides money and employment opportunity that the countries in this region most lack of, attracting the unemployed labor of these countries and helping them enter the benign cycle of “growth in employment--accumulation of wealth---upgrade of industry” .The Belt and Road Initiative is a beneficial supplement of today’s international system and employs China’s most resourceful and unparalleled vantage in the delivery of infrastructure projects.

Bo’ao Asia Forum and its upgradation in a global view

Zhou Wei • 31 •

Since Bo’ao Asia Forum was established, it has achieved enormous progress in a decade. Currently, in the context of globalization entering a new epoch and increasing uncertainty of international situation, Bo’ao Asia Forum should also keep up with the time, pioneer and innovate through necessary structural upgradation and function perfection, delicately constructing and building “2.0” upgraded version, thus keep improving the vigor and influence of the forum.

Top level framework design of the international volunteer service of the Belt and Road Initiative

Lin Cunji, Lin Junjie • 38 •

The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by comrade Xi Jinping is a Chinese initiative that promotes world peace development and a shared prosperity. Volunteer service is a crucial component of the Belt and Road Initiative and an important force of pushing forward the Belt and Road Initiative. Through research and demonstration, I reveals the important function of international volunteer service on the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, analyzing existing problems of our international volunteer service and proposing a solution targeting at the top-level design of the Belt and Road Initiative‘s international volunteer service framework, which can promote development of international volunteer service and eventual accomplishment of the goals of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Making a great effort to unfold public diplomacy and actively disseminating the voice of China

Zhang Yuejin • 45 •

People from Yangzhou, the only regional city in Jiangsu Province that founded public diplomacy association, was invited to speak at 7th public diplomacy Beijing Forum, discussing practice and reflections of international inter-city exchange of Yangzhou in recent years.

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