On the origin of CPC’s peace thoughts in its Japan-related work in the Yan’an era

Zhao Xinli • 114 •

2017 is the 45th anniversary of normalization of China-Japan relations and the 80th anniversary of Marco Polo Bridge Incident. Well-read people of both China and Japan are trying to learn from lessons of history, protecting the peace between China and Japan. Earlier back in Yan’an, while CPC actively fought against the Japanese army, it also actively promoted peace, attempting to divide Japanese army and accelerate its defeat in a peaceful manner. The peace thoughts were fully presented in Mao Zedong’s On Protracted War, and were successfully put into practice through school for Japanese workers and farmers who were educated as captives. The peace thoughts was at certain level influenced by international Communism, but also closely related to China’s traditional peace-loving thought since ancient times.

Book review

Evolution of human civilization and the advent of Chinese century —- A review on Silk Road: A New World History

Liang Lichang • 120 •

It is truly not common for British scholar Peter Franco’s book Silk Road to be widely reported by domestic and foreign media. The book inspires us to care many hot topics of international society. In the context of changes in international order, the author unveils the secrets of evolution of human civilization and the rise and fall of empires through a unique perspective, a magnificent content of research, and smart writing structure. As an authoritative epic, the book offers interesting historical facts and new research viewpoints that worth reading with great care by the reader. The most valuable thing of this book is that it includes many precious historical experiences that are available for future references.

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