Winning friendship through cultural exchanges

Hu Zhengyue • 41 •

A lot can be done in public diplomacy, as it offers a huge platform covering a wide range of aspects. Cultural exchanges are important carriers of public diplomacy. Chinese culture has a long history and the cultural sector has a huge pool of talent willing to contribute to foreign exchanges, which is China’s advantage when conducting public diplomacy. In 2016, the China Public Diplomacy Association made effects to promote cultural exchanges with other countries, achieving gratifying results. Winning friendship through cultural exchanges requires innovation in accordance with reality.

Participation of China's public diplomacy in global governance

Liu Zhenye & Yang Tianyu • 46 •

Public diplomacy has contributed positively to China’s participation in global governance in three ways. First, it reduces misunderstanding of China’s purpose and position of taking a bigger role in global governance. Second, it can serve as a key leverage for China to promote global governance and cooperation. Third, as an important channel and tool of diplomacy, it helps China lead and shape global governance values through the concept of a community of shared future. Basing on this analysis, this article makes proposals to promote public diplomacy’s participation in global governance on all fronts.

Thoughts about application of peace studies in public diplomacy

Luo Qingyun • 54 •

The core of research and application of peace studies is to maintain good international relations and promote global development and peace. Peace studies is an interdisciplinary academic field closely connected with practice and entails multi-dimensional analysis. In recent years, peace studies has provided intellectual support to the development of public diplomacy, created a platform for public participation and efficiently expanded the depth and width of public diplomacy. The academic circle involved in public diplomacy needs to enhance its understanding of peace studies, take seriously its future role in the sphere of public diplomacy, strengthen construction of its disciplinary system, give full play to practice and promote public diplomacy on all fronts.

Build Lushan Mountain into a key arena for China’s public diplomacy relying on its advantageous resources

Li Qinhe & Hua Hongbin • 60 •

Lushan Mountain has hosted many public diplomacy events in modern history. The resort, listed as a UNESCO cultural and natural heritage and World Geopark, has advantageous resources for holding public diplomacy events with much influence in the world. Making full use of available resources, we can build Lushan Mountain into an important arena for holding China’s public diplomacy events.

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