Building a Chinese model of public diplomacy

Wang Qiubin • 16 •

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, public diplomacy has been a hot topic in China and developed very fast. Over the past four years or so, China has engaged in public diplomacy in a more proactive and confident manner, and formed a model of public diplomacy with Chinese characteristics. This model of public diplomacy features government guidance and multi-party participation, committing itself to relating the stories of China and making China’s ideas heard, highlighting Chinese elements and strengthening cultural communications, with the aim of making more friends and cementing a global network of partnership.

Enriching China's public diplomacy through the Internet

Tan Youzhi • 23 •

China’s booming internet diplomacy has gained new momentum since the 18th CPC National Congress. In the age of “Internet plus,” all kinds of refined traditions are expected to achieve innovation through the “Internet plus X” approach, thus enriching China’s public diplomacy. Harnessing big data can add new features to the daily operation of China’s Internet diplomacy. Against the backdrop of globalization, as one of the world’s key players in internet industry, China has been actively putting forward new proposals concerning global governance of cyberspace to seek an indispensable and unique role in reforming the global governance system. Backed by the big platform provided by national development, China’s internet diplomacy is taking on unprecedented historical opportunities.

Three emerging trends of public diplomacy with Chinese characteristics

Chen Shuisheng • 30 •

In the age of globalization, public diplomacy is garnering increasing attention and support from all nations. In recent years, public diplomacy with Chinese characteristics has made significant progress and become a new source of growth and focus for China’s overall diplomacy, securing an increasingly important position. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, in line with the new requirement of the promotion of major-country diplomacy that China is pursuing, public diplomacy has taken a more proactive approach and sought further innovation and development. The three trends are shifts from a focus on “breaking the old” to focus both on “breaking the old” and “making the new,” from a focus on harmony to focus both on harmony and cooperation, from a focus on keeping a low profile to focus both on being assertive and keeping a low profile. After making adjustment accordingly, public diplomacy is aligning itself further with China’s international strategies, and is serving the major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics more actively and efficiently.

Strategic leadership, proactivity and cultural confidence: emerging trends of Chinese companies’ public diplomacy

Yang Lihua & Wei Xiubai • 36 •

Strategic leadership, proactivity and cultural confidence constitute emerging trends in the public diplomacy of Chinese companies before and after the 18th CPC National Congress. In specific terms, Chinese companies pay more attention to strategic leadership in establishing standards and creating a stronger voice, more actively promote friendly exchanges and partnerships between governments and industrial associations at different levels in countries where investments come from and where investments are directed, and more confidently exhibit values and concepts based on Chinese traditional culture and modern corporate culture. These new trends are a reflection of Chinese companies now partaking in global market competition and cooperation in a more profound, broader, more mature and confident way, and also a demonstration of China’s growing strength and engagement in global governance.

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