V. Type and format of entries

Unpublished original story texts and creative representations in line with the contest theme.

①Original texts should be submitted in WORD format (3000-5000 words), including selection of the contest theme, title of the story, plot description, main idea, prototype source, and representation (see annex of materials to download “Script format of the International Contest for Creative Communication of China Story).

② Representation forms of original ideas are limitless, including audio and video, Web design, graphic design, e-magazine, fine art, product design, space design, VR, etc., with a maximum length of three minutes. Submit story text plus creative representation as an attachment. Specific formatting requirements are as follows:

-Audio and video production: Length should be three minutes, audio should be in the format of mp3/wma/vox; video should be in the format of mov/avi/swf, the resolution shall not be less than 720×576 or 720×480 pixels, use low compression or lossless compression, submission media is CD/USB drive, and mail it to the address as provided (see the end of the document);

-Web page design: Provide the design proposal of website homepage, secondary channel page and content page (containing the page styles and static HTML pages) and it shall be submitted in the format of *.JPEG/*.PNG/*.GIF;

-Graphic design, product design, space design categories need to be reproduced in electronic document with the following requirements: A3 format, 300dpi, CMYK mode, and the submitted in the format of *.JPEG/*.PNG/*.GIF;

-E-magazines should be submitted in the format of *.JPEG/*.PNG/*.GIF;

-VR: Works should be submitted in the format of MP4/AVI/MOV through CD/USB drive and mailed to the address as provided (see the end of the document). The resolution is 4096*2048, and the frame rate is 30 fps and above, no limitation on bit rates, 50Mbps or above;

-Fine art works (including gouache, watercolor, oil painting, elaborate-style painting, cartoon and other works): Hand-painted works need to be reproduced in or scanned into electronic documents with the following requirements: A3 format, 300dpi, CMYK model, and the storage format is JPEG; the requirements for cartoon works are: A4 format, 300dpi, 21cm*29.7cm, CMYK model, and the submission format is *.JPEG/*.PNG/*.GIF.

③ Participants can take part individually or in team with no more than five members and one instructor. Each team or individual can submit up to three pieces of work;

④ The submitted work must be original, consistent with national laws and regulations, and the participant shall be responsible for any liability deriving from the work.

VI. Review and awards:

Review: The Organizing Committee is composed of experts from various fields including government, academia, industry, and media. The contest sets grand prize, first prize, second prize, third prize and excellence prize. The intellectual property of the winning works in the special topic of the year is owned jointly by the Organizing Committee, sponsors and participants; other prize-winning works are owned jointly by the Organizing Committee and participants.

Awards: Grand prize and first prize will be awarded with a certificate by the head of relevant government departments; the mainstream media and network media will conduct special report on award-winning organizations (or individuals) and their works; winning entries will be published in a collection; winning works will be selected and transformed for practical use by government or enterprises.

Grand Prize: 1-3, award 20,000 RMB (only for special topic of the year)

First Prize: 10, award 10,000 RMB

Second Prize: 20, award 5,000 RMB

Third Prize: 30, award 2,000 RMB

Excellence Prize: several

VII. Publicity and report

Adhering to the principles of fairness, justice, and transparency, the contest invites the Notary Office to monitor the final review and adopts a publicizing and reporting system for the winning works.

1. The scope and time of publicizing: Works being awarded grand prize, first prize, second prize, third prize and excellence prize in the contest will be publicized on the official website of the contest (a special webpage on china.org.cn) and related media for 15 days for public supervision and appraisal.

2. Reporting requirements: Reporting adopts a real-name system (that is, real name is required), and necessary evidence (such as the copy of the copied work) shall be provided. Anonymous reporting is invalid. The Organizing Committee shall verify the report, give opinions and make the final judgment.

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