Don’t Let Other People Be the First to Tell Our Stories

Zhao Qizheng · 1 ·

It has been 40 years since China launched its reform and opening up program. However, both at home and abroad, many people only have heard about the magnificent buildings and the GDP growth rate which have shocked the world. They don’t know the hard thinking and tremendous hardship we went through in the process. Many Chinese stories especially represented by the development of Pudong New Area need to be further made known through the media. If we don't tell the story of China's development in time, there may be misinformation in them when others tell the story for us first. And because of the preconception effect, our real stories which are not told in time cannot combat those “false stories”. The great stories of China’s reform and opening up do not only belong to China. They can offer useful reference to the development of the rest of the world.

China-US Cultural Exchanges Are Still Indispensable

Yu Hongjun · 5 ·

The question of how China can better achieve high-quality and rapid development is a big issue calling for serious thinking at a time of great changes never seen in a century. Specifically speaking, it is of great necessity and utmost importance for us to do a good job in conducting China-US people-to-people and cultural exchanges, against the backdrop of increasingly complex China-US relations, in order to win in the more fierce international competition for talent and comprehensive national strength.

Special Topic

Local public diplomacy

Nanjing’s Experience and Enlightenment in Building an International Peaceful City

Ke Yinbin · 10 ·

On September 4th, 2017, Nanjing became the world’s 169th and China’s first International Peace City. As one of the cities that suffered most in the World War II, Nanjing knows better the value of peace and its people understand more about the profound meaning of peace, which constitute an important foundation for Nanjingin building an international peace city. With the support of the Nanjing Municipal CPC Committee and government and the UNESCO, and with the continuous efforts of Nanjing University along with many think tanks in the past 20 years, Nanjing has achieved fruitful results in building itself into an international peaceful city. This paper studies the ways and rules for building international peaceful cities, summarizes the history and experience of Nanjing in its establishment of an international peaceful city, so as to provide ideas and reference to other Chinese cities on brand positioning and international communication.

City Public Diplomacy along the National Border — The Example of Dehong Prefecture on the China-Myanmar

Hou Sheng · 17 ·

On December 11th, 2019, under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the sponsorship of the China International Publishing Group, the 2019 National Cooperation Meeting on International Publicity was held in Guangzhou City. At the meeting, the project entitled“Running hand in hand along the border — Dehong Prefecture delivers China’s voice through ‘Marathon race across two countries’”, submitted by the Publicity Department of Dehong Prefecture CPC Committee, won an award of “2019 Top Ten Projects of International Communication”. At the meeting, a representative from Dehong Prefecture spoke on the project. Dehong Prefecture is the only prefecture-level city in China that has won an award in the past six years since the “Top Ten Projects of International Communication” selection was launched. Dehong Prefecture shares a border with Myanmar. The inhabitants of the two countries living along the border visit with each other frequently, enjoying a friendly relationship. Dehong Prefecture has carried out a variety of public diplomacy activities as a border city and accumulated rich experience.

Analysis of the Publicity of Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone through Public Diplomacy

Li Jiacheng & Zhang Yiliang · 23 ·

Public diplomacy is a kind of diplomatic activity targeted at foreign non-governmental entities including enterprises and common people, in which the government plays the guiding role and governmental and non-governmental organizations act as the practitioners. Research in international publicity and communication of China’s free trade zones is still at the initial phase. Free trade zones have an urgent demand of scientific theories and methods concerning international publicity and communication. There has not been enough attention and understanding shown by the international community on China’s free trade zones. Public diplomacy can play a big role in enhancing the publicity of China’s free trade zones by promoting their popularity and influence, enriching the understanding of issues related to free trade zones on the part of both domestic and foreign enterprises and the public. It can also help foster free trade zones’ positive images in the world. As on how to carry out public diplomacy in promoting publicity, taking the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone as an example, the paper suggests that people need to pay attention to the evaluation of public diplomacy effect and the combination of governmental and non-governmental actors, build a unique public diplomacy discourse system, make efforts in establishing an early warning system for dealing with negative reports, carry out public diplomacy among overseas Chinese through overseas Chinese media, and hold events of high-level impact to publicize free trade zones, so as to create a good environment for developing free trade zones among overseas non-governmental organizations.

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