China and U.S. Should Re-establish a Model of Relations between Major Nations through Fighting COVID-19 with Solidarit

Han Fangming · 1 ·

For their common interests and for the whole world’s political and economic stability, both China and the U.S. should cooperate closely to fight COVID-19 in accordance with the consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, and set an example for the world through fighting the epidemic with solidarity. While dealing with the pressure brought about by the epidemic, both countries should also actively implement the trade agreement that has been reached and resume bilateral communication in a timely manner without widening their differences. As long as the two sides set aside their prejudices, cooperate sincerely and unite to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, China and the U.S. can help to lead the world out of the epidemic crisis and re-establish a model of relations between major nations on cooperation.

International Cooperation and External Communication in the Context of Global Anti-epidemic

Yu Hongjun · 4 ·

The 2020 G20 Special Summit themed on fighting against COVID-19 together through global cooperation was successfully held via video conference on March 26th, marking the global communication of the international community on uniting and cooperating to fight against COVID-19 has entered a new phase. In this new context, all countries need to have a deeper comprehensive understanding of the essence and the nature of the idea of “all human societies are a community of share future”. China should also further realize that it is our country’s bounden and historical responsibility as a major nation to participate in and promote global anti-epidemic cooperation. At the same time, we should grasp the two key points in international communication under the new context — collaboration in the fight against the epidemic and cooperative development.

Special Topic

International epidemic and public diplomacy

The COVID-19 Epidemic and the Building of a Global Community of Shared Future

Sun Haichao · 12 ·

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, China has adopted a series of measures on prevention and control, with a responsible attitude as a major nation and a high sense of responsibility for the health of all human beings, which has achieved a remarkable degree of preventive and control effects and won high appreciation from international organizations, foreign governments as well as international public opinion. China's destiny has been so closely connected with that of the whole world and the concept on “a global community of shared future” has been well manifested in the practice of either China’s whole national unity in fighting the epidemic or different foreign countries’ assistance and support to China’s epidemic control.

Promote Public Diplomacy during COVID-19 Epidemic and Build a Global Community of Shared Future

Wang Yiwei · 17 ·

The high contagiousness of COVID-19 has caused panic of various levels among people in different countries. There has been stigmatization of China in the international public opinions. The epidemic is not only a test of China’s public health governance capability, but also a test of China’s overall national governance capability and public diplomacy’s discourse power. “How to tell China’s story regarding the fight against COVID-19”, “how to show the image of China as a responsible major nation” and “how to spread the concept of building a global community of shared future” have become the three main themes of public diplomacy during the epidemic. The principles on “Understanding China, recognizing China and aligning with China” and relevant practices on building a global community of shared future have both become crucial in conducting public diplomacy during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Fighting COVID-19 Epidemic and Building China’s National Image

He Wenping · 28 ·

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan and the subsequent global spread has been not only a big challenge to the global public health system, but also to the building of China's international image. Talks centering around the so-called“Wuhan virus”, “sickmen of East Asia”and “China’s apology”are allaimed at using the epidemic to stigmatize China. To transform the challenges of the epidemic into an opportunity to build China's national image, we must tell at least three stories: first, the story of the Chinese government’s rapid response to the epidemic and how it led people to get united together to fight the epidemic;second, the story of both Chinese people and NGOs’ active cooperation and bold actions;third, the story of China’s active assistance to other countries in fighting the epidemic as a responsible major nation. The COVID-19 epidemic is a crisis, a disaster and also a big test. Yet, China will further grow in tribulation and display itself as a major nation and its sense of responsibility in building “a global community of shared future”.

Deep Distress Resurrects a Nation——Fighting COVID-19 and Conducting Public Diplomacy

Chen Shuisheng & Xi Guigui · 35 ·

For China, the COVID-19 epidemic is both a crisis and a big test. Under President Xi Jinping’s command, we took decisive decisions, unified actions and extensive mobilization, and started a people’s war on epidemic prevention and control when facing the threatening epidemic situation. A strategic pattern of overall mobilization, deployment and prevention and control has been formed. In the crisis and test, we have fully demonstrated our unique Chinese strength, Chinese spirit and Chinese efficiency, manifested our sense of responsibility, capability and contribution as a major nation, and won appreciation of the international community.

Public Diplomacy in Global Public Health Governance — With China’s Prevention and Control of the COVID-19 as the Case

Zhang Hui · 40 ·

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the National Health Commission of the PRC has launched the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council to cope with the epidemic. Spokesmen, ambassadors, experts and scholars are the mainplay of public diplomacy during the anti-epidemic. The People’s Daily, CGTN, China Daily and China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration are the main media of public diplomacy, providing overseas audiences with the updated data focusing on the epidemic and prevention and control measures. Taking China’s COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control as a case of study, this paper analyzes public diplomacy in global public health governance and puts forward several thoughtful suggestions.

Where Should China’s Health Diplomacy Go during the COVID-19 Epidemic?

Liu Xiaowei · 46 ·

On January 30, 2020, based on the two facts that the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases in China increased quickly and cases were also found in several other countries, World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). The epidemic not only caused great harm to China’s economic development in the short term, but also incurred damage to China in terms of international public opinion. For China which is at the center of the world’s attention, “fighting the epidemic” not only challenges the government’s governance capabilities, but also brings opportunities for China to raise its international voice in the field of public health.

Paths, Characteristics and Enlightenment of Overseas NGOs’ Support of Public Diplomacy — the Experience of China Chamber of Commerce in Kenya during the COVID-19 Epidemic

Wang Zezhuang & Kuang Zewei · 51 ·

During the global public health crisis caused by COVID-19 epidemic in early 2020, as one of China's overseas Chinese NGOs in Africa, the Kenya China Chamber of Commerce has made use of its own unique communication channels and influence and participated in China’s epidemic prevention and control through various ways, including building up platforms, coordinating contacts, and collecting materials. All these not only have allowed it to effectively take participation in Chinese domestic fight of the epidemic, but also have shown to the local Kenya people the positive image of overseas Chinese’s patriotism, unity and dedication, and featured NGOs’ characteristics of being flexible, sustaining and united. The experience of China Chamber of Commerce in Kenya has provided enlightenment on overseas Chinese organizations in supporting public diplomacy activities.

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