How to view the current situation in the South China Sea

Li Zhaoxing • 1 •

The situation in the South China Sea has recently attracted worldwide attention, and the multitude of opinions and information surrounding this issue can create confusion. How should we view the current situation? The view of Mr. Li Zhaoxing, former Foreign Minister and current President of the China Public Diplomacy Association, can provide a useful reference.

Special Report Corporate and Public Diplomacy

Family, State, and World: Public Diplomacy of Shenhua Overseas Company

Wei Xiubai & Cai Qiongfang • 7 •

The Shenhua Overseas Company (SOC) is an investment platform for the overseas development of the Shenhua Group Corporation Limited and China Shenhua Energy Company Limited. As a professional state-owned enterprise from China, SOC holds itself strictly to the standards of a Chinese investor,fulfilling its responsibilities and building its brand. Step by step, SOC is exploring a “family-state-world” pattern in its enterprise public diplomacy practice.

High-Speed Railway Diplomacy and Overseas Expansion of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

— The Example of Qingdao Meilleur Company Limited

Lu Xuan • 13 •

The Chinese high-speed railway industry has developed quickly in recent years.It not only caters to domestic passengers’ needs, but also lays a solid foundation for foreign expansion and China’s high-speed railway diplomacy. Some small- and medium- sized enterprises, as supporting enterprises for the high-speed railway industry, play important roles in this process. They constitute a source of China’s confidence in its high-speed railway diplomacy, contributing not only products and wisdom, but also undertaking the main responsibilities as a subject. They assume a key role in assuring high-speed railway products’ quality and the industry’s reputation. At the same time, they use the opportunity of cross-border interaction to pursue overseas expansion.

On Enterprise Public Diplomacy in the ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative

Jing Lina • 19 •

Public diplomacy is a high-level form of enterprises’ practice of their corporate social responsibilities. Chinese enterprises face a complicated public opinion environment at home and abroad in the process of going global. They also have to overcome difficulties arising from their lack of public diplomacy consciousness, understanding of international market rules, and personnel talented in cross-cultural communication. To advance the construction of One Belt, One Road and encourage Chinese enterprises to go out, these enterprises should increase their awareness of corporate public diplomacy and improve their ability in this regard; deepen their understanding of the international environment, including the culture and customs in foreign countries; and accelerate the development of professional talent. At the same time, the government should attach significance to these enterprises’ role in public diplomacy, and explore corporate public diplomacy models with Chinese characteristics.

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