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The First Decade of the Confucius Institute

The Headquarters of the Confucius Institute • 1 •

Since its launch in 2004, the Confucius Institute has seen leapfrog development, committing itself to the spread of Chinese language and culture by adapting to the needs of the country’s rapid social and economic development and improved international status. Bringing into better play the role of the Institute as a platform for comprehensive cultural exchanges with Chinese and foreign new ideas, new categories and new expressions, the Institute shall, in the coming years, strive to do a better job in telling the China story and make the China voice better heard around the world, thus winning for China a greater say in the international community.

Special Report The Confucius Institute and Public Diplomacy

The Confucius Institute and Three-step Public Diplomacy

Wang Yiwei • 7 •

The Confucius Institute is a brand name of China’s public diplomacy; it helps the world better understand China through the teaching of Chinese language and culture, and by doing so encourages the rest of the world to learn the cultural connotation of the Chinese Dream and the cultural foundation of the Chinese model, thus achieving the aim to understand and even identify with the Chinese path, Chinese theory and Chinese system. In less than ten years since its establishment, the Institute has reaped success in presenting the traditional image of China. In the ensuing years until the advent of the two centenaries (that of the founding of the Communist Party of China in 2021 and that of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2049), the Institute shall focus on presenting the images of China in modern and global context, that is, making efforts to promote China’s public diplomacy theme “harmony in diversity”, “seeking common ground while reserving differences”, and then transform it to “treading different paths to the same destination”. This may be regarded as three-step strategy of the Institute’s public diplomacy.

The Confucius Institute’s Mission of Public Diplomacy – the Example of the Confucius Institute at Hawaii University

Li Qikeng • 12 •

As an institution dedicated to promoting Chinese language and culture, the Confucius Institute functions as an important agency of public diplomacy as well. The Confucius Institute at Hawaii University has all along paid great attention to fostering its image by means of public diplomacy. In addition to routine cultural and languageteaching activities, the Institute has taken various opportunities to improve China’s image in the local communities, such as rendering volunteer translation services, giving donations to schools and non-profit organizations, holding lectures in local communities, handling emergencies, and cooperating with other organizations.

The Confucius Institute: Dissemination of Language, Culture and Values

Sun Jisheng • 19 •

As the carrier and disseminator of culture as well as the tool of communication, language naturally embodies rich cultural contents. The Confucius Institute, established to promote Chinese language and culture, has made significant achievements in spreading the Chinese language and the basics of Chinese culture. By laying equal emphasis on both, the Institute has employed numerous effective communication methods to let more people learn about Chinese culture through language studies and effectively spread China’s values. In this way it has played its role in public diplomacy.

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